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Sustainable ORNL

Who We Are

The Laboratory created the Sustainable Campus Initiative, now Sustainable ORNL, in 2008 to guide its transformation toward sustainability and ensure that efforts are benchmarked and tracked. By integrating sustainability into all projects and activities, ORNL is meeting regulatory requirements and simultaneously reaping the benefits of being a sustainable campus—saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases.

Sustainability is incorporated into ORNL’s Laboratory Agenda for 2011, which stresses energy efficiency along with renewable and environmentally sound technologies and processes.

The Agenda commits the Laboratory to the following outcomes:

  • Showcase ORNL as a leader in sustainable energy research, development, deployment and practices,
  • Develop cross-directorate partnerships that leverage scientific discoveries and infrastructure functional needs to advance sustainability of ORNL’s campus,
  • Engage employees to support sustainable activities at work and at home,
  • Move ORNL toward the goal of a zero waste facility, and
  • Develop and deploy transformational technologies that will have a substantial impact on ORNL’s transportation and energy systems.