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Fugitives and Refrigerants

ORNL has greatly reduced fugitive and refrigerant emissions over the last decade in line with federal greenhouse gas (GHG) emission goals. The removal of the SF6 usage in the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (HRIBF), site awareness of lower GHG replacements for existing HVAC appliances, and SME advice on obtaining low GHG appliances for new facility buildings have all compounded to lower this category's GHG footprint. The mandated HFC phasedown will also continue this process at ORNL. As supply chains for high GHG refrigerants drastically reduce, prices for high GHG refrigerants will steadily increase and, therefore, increase the utilization of lower GHG systems. Aged equipment will continue to be replaced with lower GHG alternatives, and new building designs will incorporate lower GHG alternatives as well. ORNL will continue to track refrigerant inventory, conduct leak inspections, and track appliance inventory to ensure proper handling of refrigerant to minimize fugitive emissions.