Vyacheslav Bryantsev

GL-RPR Chemical Separations

Vyacheslav “Slava” Bryantsev was born and grew up in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. After he completed his undergraduate and master education from Donetsk National University in 1999, he continued his education in the Chemistry Department of the Donbass National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, where he received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry in 2003 and became a junior faculty. He attributed his passion in theoretical and quantum chemistry  to his undergraduate mentor and graduate advisor Yuri B. Vysotsky. In 2004, he moved to the United States.  After two years of postdoctoral training at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, he became a research staff in the group of William A. Goddard, California Institute of Technology. He started his independent research career in 2009 as a Senior Scientist at Liox Power Inc., startup, specializing on next-generation energy storage for electric vehicles. Since 2014, Slava is an R&D Associate and later, an R&D Staff, Computational Chemist, in the Chemical Separations Group, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His current research interests include ion binding and recognition in solution and solid state, adsorption at mineral surfaces, heavy elements separations, molten salt chemistry, and materials for energy applications.  He examines these using a variety of computational approaches, including  quantum chemical calculations, classical and ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, with a strong connection to experimental characterization methods, such as nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy, X-ray, and neutron scattering. To date, Slava has authored close to 100 scientific publications, which have been cited more than 4,000 times.