Thomaz M Carvalhaes

R&D Associate - Data-driven Risk Analysis and Resilience Modeling

Thomaz Carvalhaes is an R&D Associate in the Built Environment Characterization Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory focusing on urban heat island impacts and the complex processes behind climate-induced human migration. He earned his Ph.D. at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability, where his work leveraged a combination of social science, complexity science, geospatial, and engineering-based approaches to develop interdisciplinary urban resilience assessments. Dr. Carvalhaes’ research interests focus on urban infrastructure as entangled social, ecological, and technological systems that face unexpected disruptions and a rapidly changing future. He has worked on a range of disaster and infrastructure-related projects, including the development of social vulnerability indices, human-centric metrics for infrastructure network models, complex mappings of resilience, and an automated model for identifying "stream deserts" in urban watersheds. Prior to his current position, Dr. Carvalhaes was as part of a transdisciplinary team of researchers, stakeholders, and staff in an NSF-funded (NSF-CRISP 2.0) project aimed at developing a holistic analysis and integrated modeling framework to enhance resilience in islanded communities.