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Taylor R Hauser

Geospatial Data Analyst

Taylor Hauser is a Geospatial Data Analyst in the Built Environment Characterization Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Prior to this position, Taylor worked in various research assistant roles at the lab starting in 2014. Taylor earned his M.S. in Environmental Informatics from Tennessee Tech in 2019, where he focused on developing machine learning models to classify error in spatial data. Taylor’s core focus is accelerating the data creation cycle through automation to generate more dynamic data sets that describe the world as it changes. He pursues his focus by developing automated solutions for asynchronous data fusion, source information collection, quality control, and building type characterization.  His work has been applied to LandScan (HD, USA, and Global), USA Structure Inventory, multiple Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data sets, and event specific data for the emergency response community.

Significant Event Award, Development of the first ever government-owned foundation energy infrastructure data layer