Portrait of Supriya Chinthavali

Supriya Chinthavali

Group Leader, GeoInformatics Engineering and Scalable Computing Group

Supriya Chinthavali is a group leader for the Geoinformatics Engineering group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Over the last nine years, she has served as a principal investigator on several projects related to the energy sector’s situational awareness, policy analysis, and smart grid; and in understanding cascading impacts on critical infrastructures during extreme events. She is currently the data-lead for DOE’s EAGLE-I (DOE’s Energy Sector Real-Time Situational Awareness Tool) project and is serving as the project manager for DOE’s Outage Data Initiative Northwest (ODIN) effort. As a certified scrum master, she is actively contributing toward a multi-lab effort titled as “North American Energy Resilience Model.” She has a master’s degree in computer science and engineering and in automotive embedded systems. Previously, she worked for Delphi Automotive systems as an advanced software engineer for four years.