Robert A Bridges

Robert A Bridges

Cybersecurity Research Mathematician & Cybersecurity Research Group Leader

Robert Bridges (Bobby) is a researcher in and leader of ORNL's Cybersecurity Research Group. After completing a PhD in complex analysis and operator theory (pure mathematics) at Purdue University, Bobby joined ORNL as a postdoc and later full scientist. Bobby's current research involves large-scale experimentation to determine efficacy of cyber defensive tools, and developing security-related technologies for in-vehicle controller area networks (CANs). Previous work involved applications of graph theory, function theory, and anomaly detection to network data, power profile data, and natural language processing to text involving cyber information. 

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2016 ORNL Best Seed Project Poster Award (J. Nichols, R.A. Bridges, J. Hernandez, S. Prowell, "Towards a Malware Detection Framework Based on Power Consumption Monitoring")

2016 CISRC Best Short Paper Award (C.R. Harshaw, R.A. Bridges, M.D. Iannacone, J.R. Goodall, "GraphPrints: Towards a Graph Analytic Method for Network Anomaly Detection")

2015 CISRC Runner-Up Short Paper Award (C.L. Jones, R.A. Bridges, K.T. Huffer, J.R. Goodall “Towards a relation extraction framework for cyber-security objects” )

2013 ORNL Postdoc Association Best Presentation Award ("A Principled Approach to Anomaly Detection", R.A. Bridges)