Ramakrishnan Kannan

Ramakrishnan Kannan is the group leader for Discrete Algorithms at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research expertise is in distributed machine learning and graph algorithms on HPC platforms and their application to scientific data with a focus on accelerating scientific discovery by reducing computation time from weeks to seconds. He was the lead for DSNAPSHOT for a COVID-19 project, which is a finalist for the esteemed Association of Computing Machinery’s Gordon Bell Award in 2021, and listing Summit in 3rd place on Graph500 benchmark using the fewest resources; this is the first time an OLCF system has ranked in Graph500. He has been awarded over $2.8M in research funding from various agencies for solving algorithmic problems on HPC platforms. Additionally, he has been the project lead for over $1 million in Department of Defense projects. With over 24 patents issued in USPTO, he was an IBM Master Inventor. He graduated with a Ph.D. under the advice of Professor Haesun Park from Georgia Institute of Technology and M.Sc (Engg) from Indian Institute of Science under the advice of Professor Y. Narahari.