portrait photo

Peter V Bonnesen

Research Staff

  • 2021 Secretary of Energy Achievement Award, as a member of the “Molecular design and analysis to inform therapeutics related to COVID-19” (Molecular Design) project sponsored by the DOE National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory (NVBL)
  • 2020 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) 2020 National Technology Transfer Award: Impact Award: A Catalyst to Produce Ethanol, Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels
  • 2019 R&D IR-100 Award: “Voltanol: Electrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Ethanol”
  • 2013 DOE Secretary’s Achievement Award (as member of Salt Waste Disposal Technologies Team) for "The Development and Implementation of a High-Level Salt Waste Processing Technology"
  • 2004 R&D IR-100 Award: “Highly Selective, Regenerable Perchlorate Treatment System”
  • 2002 Battelle Technical Council Science & Technology Challenges Competition Winner
  • 1999 Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation Valuable Invention Award
  • 1999 Lockheed Martin Research Corporation Development Awards (2)
  • 1994 Martin Marietta Energy Systems Technology Transfer Award
  • 1984 Department of Chemistry Teaching Award, University of California at Los Angeles