Paris A Cornwell

Paris A Cornwell

Instrument Systems Scientific Associate

I am the Scientific Associate for the HB-2B (Residual Stress) beam line here at the High Flux Isotope Reactor. I maintain the beam lines for functionality, reliability, experiment support, and engineering upgrades. I also assist users in having productive experiments by scheduling resources for their experimental needs e.g. cryostats, furnaces, sample mounting, designing and fabricating widgets. The work I do supports the main mission of Oak Ridge National Lab - the advancement of scientific technologies and modalities. I am proud to be a member of the team and have the privilege of working with some of the best minds and hardest working people in the world. I have worked at the HFIR since 2010 and have learned much about residual stress, neutron diffraction, additive manufacturing, laser metrology and 5S applications - all skills which have been useful to the instrument team. I use CAD for engineering and experimental support and have a basic understanding of mechatronics and controls. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering from Tennessee Technological University with a focus on manufacturing and mechanical engineering. I also have a background in the military serving for 12 years.

PSCC Department of Engineering Honor Graduate (AS Mechanical Engineering) - 2012

Phi Theta Kappa - 2012

TTU College of Engineering Best Paper Award - 2014

TTU College of Engineering Rising Renaissance Engineer Award - 2014

FARO Laser Tracker and Laser Scan Arm