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The high intensity diffractometer for residual stress analysis (HIDRA), a third generation residual stress mapping neutron di...

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Review of Scientific Instruments
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This paper describes the hardware and software upgrades, operation, and performance of the high intensity diffractometer for residual stress analysis (HIDRA) instrument, a residual stress mapping neutron diffractometer located at the High Flux Isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge Tennessee, USA. Following a major upgrade in 2018, the new instrument has a single 3He multiwire 2D 30 × 30 cm2 position sensitive detector, yielding a field of view of 17° 2θ. The increase in the field of view (from 4° 2θ) from the previous model instrument has contributed to the tremendous improvement in the out of plane solid angle such that the 3D count rate could be obtained easily. Accordingly, the hardware, software, Data Acquisition System (DAS), and so on have also been updated. Finally, all these enhanced features of HIDRA have been ably demonstrated by conducting multi directional diffraction measurements in the quenched 750-T74 aluminum, and the evolved and improved strain/stress mappings are presented.