Nihal Kanbargi

Nihal S Kanbargi

R&D Staff Member

Research Interests

  1. Structure-process-property determination of anisotropic multiphasic polymeric systems
  2. Supercritical fluid and melt processing of polymers, composites, and cellular materials.
  3. Mechanics of materials, modeling and analysis of adhesion and failure in composites, probing molecular dynamics of polymers
  4. Synthesis and upcycling of bio-based materials into sustainable materials and nanocomposites

Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering 2018

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Advisor: Prof. Alan J. Lesser

Dual degree (B. Tech.+M. Tech.) in Polymer Science and Technology 2012

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee


N. Kanbargi, A.J. Lesser, W. Zhao, S.P. Agarwal, and M. Rackaitis: Methods for modification of aramid fibers (US Patent 10,738,418)

• N. Kanbargi, M.J. van Erp, and A.J. Lesser. “Anisotropic cellular structures from semi-crystalline polymer templates.” Journal of Polymer Science 2020

• N. Kanbargi and A.J. Lesser. “Improving adhesion between aramid fibers and natural rubber through morphological and synthetic modification of the fibers.” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 135(24) (2018): 45520.

• N. Kanbargi, W. Hu, and A.J. Lesser. “Degradation mechanism of poly (p-phenylene-2, 6-benzobisoxazole) fibers by 31P solid-state NMR.” Polymer Degradation and Stability 136 (2017): 131-138.

• R.S. Diggikar, V.M. Dhavale, D.B. Shinde, N. Kanbargi, M.V. Kulkarni, B.B. Kale. “Morphology controlled synthesis of LiV2O5/Ag nanocomposite nanotubes with enhanced electrochemical performance.” Royal Society of Chemistry Advances 2(8) (2012): 3231-3233.