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Nedim N Cinbiz

Nuclear Materials R&D Staff

M. Nedim Cinbiz is an R&D member in the Radiation Effects and Microstructural Analysis Group in the Materials Science and Technology Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received his Ph.D from Nuclear Engineering Department (Nuclear Materials) at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). His main research focuses on mechanical behavior and thermophysical properties of nuclear materials, such as zirconium base alloys, accident-tolerant fuel cladding candidates, nuclear fuel, and metal hydrides.

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Nuclear Fuel Materials, Nuclear Science and Technology, Postdoc, 2015-2018
  • Idaho National Laboratory, Advanced Post-Irradiation Examination, Materials and Fuels Complex, Nuclear Facility Engineer, 2018-2020
  • Idaho National Laboratory, Irradiated Fuels and Materials, Nuclear Science and Technology, Nuclear Research Facility Engineer, 2020-2023
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Radiation Effects and Microstructural Analysis, Materials Science and Technology Division, Nuclear materials R&D staff, 2023-...  
  • Hacettepe University                                           Nuclear Engineering                  B.S.        2005
  • Hacettepe University                                           Nuclear Engineering                  M.S.       2008
  • Pennsylvania State University                            Nuclear Engineering                  Ph.D.      2015