Laura N Touton

Project Management Specialist

Laura Touton is a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Electrification and Energy Infrastructures Division, moving to this position in March 2022.. Prior to this role, she was a Project Management Specialist in the Propulsion Science Section at the National Transportation Research Center (NTRC) in the Buildings and Transportation Science Division (BTSD). She joined ORNL in 2016 as an administrative assistant with the Building Envelope & Urban Systems Research (BE&USR) Group. Laura also supports ORNL's sustainability initiative, Sustainable ORNL, in which she recently co-authored the 2020 Annual Sustainability Report and is the Co-Lead of the Engagement & Recognition Roadmap.

Laura received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Tusculum University in 2014. In December 2016, she received her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management from King University.