Profile picture of Larry York, white man with short brown hair and black glasses

Larry M York

Staff Scientist

Larry M. York, Ph.D. is a whole-plant ecophysiologist with a special passion for roots working in the Biosciences Division. The operational paradigm for Larry's work is functional phenomics, using measurements across diverse plant types in an attempt to piece together how they work and what traits might be improved. Plant phenotyping, or measuring, is a crucial underpinning of this research, so methodological development is a major aspect of his work. Of note, Larry co-developed the number one free and open-source software tool for measuring roots from images, RhizoVision Explorer. In addition to using this software to measure root properties like length and lateral root branching, Dr. York has pushed the limits of high-throughput gas exchange measurements in order to quantify a major index of carbon use by roots by respiration, leading to the first genetic analysis of this important trait. This body of work ties to the global carbon cycle and the possibility of selecting bioenergy crops that are themselves carbon-use efficient in order to drive productivity, yield, and belowground carbon sequestration.

Larry is based in the Molecular and Cellular Imaging Group and cross-appointed with the Plant Systems Biology Group. In January 2022, Larry was appointed the Editor-in-Chief of Plant Direct, published by the the American Society of Plant Biologists and the Society for Experimental Biology.

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