J. M. Risner staff photo

Joel M Risner

Senior R&D Staff

Joel Risner is a Senior R&D Staff Member in the Radiation Transport (RT) group within the Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division. He joined ORNL as a staff member in 2010. He attended Kansas State University where he received B.S. and M.S. degrees in nuclear engineering.

During his time at ORNL Joel has been involved with a wide range of radiation transport applications, primarily using hybrid deterministic/Monte Carlo techniques with ADVANTG/MCNP and Shift. He has also developed post-processing tools that are used by staff in RT and the SNS Second Target Station (STS) for a wide range of applications. His current focus is on neutronics for the STS project, including optimization of the cold source moderators.

He has served on the technical committee for meetings of the Radiation Shielding and Protection Division (RPSD) of the American Nuclear Society and as the RPSD treasurer, vice-chair, and chair. He is currently a member of the ANS-19.10 Working Group, which is updating the standard for methods for determining neutron fluence in BWR and PWR pressure vessels and reactor internals.

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