Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Jay Tiley

Jay S Tiley

Section Head, Materials Structures and Processing Science

Dr. Tiley is a proven leader in the materials development and research community with over 30 years of government service across many organizations.  He has accumulated a broad experience base that includes team leadership and program execution at multiple organizational levels.  This includes building and executing engineering and collaborative research programs at manufacturing and repair centers, national laboratories, academic institutions, and private industrial facilities, in close collaboration with the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation.   He earned his PhD in Materials Science (PhD) from Ohio State University where he studied the influence of microstructure on strength and ductility in titanium alloys.  In addition, he has earned Master of Science degrees in Materials Engineering from Ohio State University, Environmental Management and Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and Systems Engineering from Wright State University.  He is a fellow of ASM International and Adjunct Professor at multiple universities, including the University of North Texas, Wright State University, and Ohio State University.  As the Section Head for the Materials Structures and Processing Section, he manages five groups within ORNL researching welding, alloy development and material behavior, surface engineering, new materials for advanced processing, and processing of metals, ceramics, and composites.  He previously served as Program Officer for the Basic Metals, Multiscale Structural Materials, and Low Density Material Portfolios for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and as Program Manager for the Air Force Research Laboratory on multiple programs including the Metals Affordability Initiative.