Henriette Jager

Henriette I Jager

Senior scientist

Our research focuses on quantifying and monetizing trade-offs and complementarities between renewable energy production and other ecosystem services. For hydropower, we use models to understand responses of riverine fishes to modifications to flow, temperature (climate change). Currently, we are focusing on thermal effects of reservoirs and understanding how diurnal shifts in electricity demand due to penetration of wind and solar will influence aquatic biota. For bioenergy, we develop guidance for managing biomass crops and forests to increase biomass, improve water quality, and protect biodiversity. As part of this research we are seeking to understand whether some biofuel production systems can increase resilience to climate-mediated threats, such as wildfire and eutrophication. We are developing tools to conduct regional valuation of biomass, carbon, water quality, and biodiversity benefits provided by multifunctional riparian buffers.

Twitter @hjager 

Email: jagerhi at ornl.gov