Photo of Fred Dolislager

Fred G Dolislager

Senior Environmental Risk Analyst

I am a human health and environmental risk assessor in Environmental Risk and Energy Analysis group. My professional mission statement is "Apply risk management practices to ensure implementation of effective and innovative environmental restoration techniques at hazardous waste sites through the development of risk assessment models and establishment of national guidance and policy."

My work with Superfund, developing national guidance and policy, through computational websites, helps me be an effective risk assessor when doing site assessments or reviewing the work of others. Particularly, my involvement with the Regional Screening Levels for chemicals and multiple PRG websites for radionuclides keeps my work state of the art.

Research Interests:

  • Human Health, Ecological, and Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Remediation Strategy Maximization
  • Computational Platform Development of National Risk Assessment Guidance

Projects I manage:

Professional Services:

  • CERCLA risk assessment preparation
  • Web-based calculator and database development and hosting
  • Review of human health and environmental risk assessments