Ehab Hassan

Ehab M Hassan

Research Associate

I continually update my knowledge with cutting-edge technology in code-developing, algorithms, and code optimization to develop new computational and statistical learning frameworks that can be used in several research fields and compile new training courses for graduate and undergraduate students. My research focuses on studying plasma turbulence using mathematical models and computer simulation in complex systems, such as fusion reactors, heliosphere, and ionosphere. Currently, I am working on developing Tokamak Pulse Simulator (TPS) for the Whole Device Integrated Modeling (WDIM) framework with a focus on heating and current drives (H&CD), magnetic field coils, and plasma boundary transport.

The momentum I have seen recently in nuclear fusion, and the collaboration between research institutes, society, and investors at a large scale, nationally and internationally, to realize the production of electric power from fusion made me determined to dedicate my professional career to contribute to the plasma turbulence and transport, heating and current drives, and the tokamak pulse simulator until an operational fusion power plant is achieved.