Christopher C Bowland

Wigner Fellow



  • Multifunctional Composites
  • Piezoelectric/ferroelectric/piezoresistive Ceramic Nanomaterials
  • Nanocomposites
  • Carbon Fibers
  • Printable Composites
  • Fiber Reinforced Composite Sensors
  • Fiber-matrix Interfaces
  • Sustainable Materials



  • Ph.D.     August 2016 in Materials Science and Engineering

                      University of Florida

                      Advisor: Dr. Henry A. Sodano

                      Dissertation Title: Conformal Growth Method of Ferroelectric Materials for

                      Multifunctional Composites

  • M.S.      December 2013 in Materials Science and Engineering

                 University of Florida

                 Advisor: Dr. Henry A. Sodano

  • B.S.       May 2012 in Materials Science and Engineering

                 University of Tennessee

                      Concentration: Nanomaterials               

                      Minor: Business Administration     


Invention Disclosure 201703972 “Composites with Electromechanical Properties and Their Methods of Manufacturing” (ORNL ID 3972) Bowland C.C. and Naskar A.K.