Christopher Seck Portrait Image

Chris M Seck

Research Scientist

A detail-oriented, technical experimental physicist with over six years of professional experience in matrix organizations specializing in surface-ion-trap-based quantum information science and quantum computing with wide ranging experience including developing complete diode and solid-state laser, electronics, electro-, acousto-, and free-space-optical systems. Served as principal investigator (PI) for multi-institution collaborative projects. Technical lead of ion trapping experiments in spectroscopy, precision measurement, quantum information, and quantum computing as well as optical clock/gate laser development. An effective technical project manager able to lead teams to complete project milestones in an efficient and robust, yet versatile manner while effectively communicating team progress to a technical and/or general audience.


ORNL Awards

  • Distinguished Early Career Scientist, Computational Sciences & Engineering Division, 2021.
  • Outstanding Scholarly Output Team Award, UT-Battelle Awards Night, 2020.
  • Spot Award, Computational Sciences & Engineering Division, 2020.

Other Awards

  • GTRI Distinguished Performance Awards 2021, Best Paper Award, "High-fidelity Bell-state preparation with 40Ca+ optical qubits," June 2022.
  • GTRI Team Award, March 2018.