Dr. Caleigh Samuels

Caleigh E Samuels

Radiation Dosimetry Lead

Dr. Caleigh Samuels is the Radiation Dosimetry Lead in the Center for Radiation Protection Knowledge at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Her research in radiation dosimetry includes element-specific biokinetic model development, Monte Carlo applications in dosimetric and detector response modeling, development of radiological risk assessment tools, and dose reconstruction for internal emitters. Current focuses are on formulating models and methods to estimate organ doses from internal emitters for epidemiological studies of radiation workers, developing radiogenic cancer risk coefficients for public exposures, and simulating public and worker radiation doses associated with the detonation of nuclear explosive devices. Dr. Samuels received her PhD in Nuclear Engineering and MS in Medical Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology, and her BS in Physics from Radford University. She is currently a member of ICRP Task Group 95 on Internal Dose Coefficients and of NCRP SC 6-13 on Methods and Models for Estimating Organ Doses from Intakes of Radium. She has been collaborating on the Million Person Study for over four years.