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An age- and sex-specific biokinetic model for radon *

by Caleigh E Samuels, James Marsh, Richard W Leggett
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Journal of Radiological Protection
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Publication 137 of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) describes a biokinetic model for radon used to derive dose coefficients for occupational intake of radon isotopes. The model depicts transfer of inhaled or ingested radon to blood, exchange of radon between blood and tissues, and gradual loss of radon from the body based on physical laws governing transfer of a non-reactive and soluble gas between materials. This paper describes an age- and sex-specific variation of that model developed for use in an upcoming ICRP series of reports on environmental intake of radionuclides by members of the public titled 'Dose Coefficients for Intakes of Radionuclides by Members of the Public'. The proposed model modifies the model structure and transfer coefficients presented in Publication 137 to allow more realistic dosimetric treatment of bone marrow and breast and expands the model to address pre-adult ages, based on the physical principles used in the development of the model of Publication 137 together with anatomical and physiological changes occurring during human development.