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Measurable radiation levels around individuals externally contaminated by nuclear fallout

by Caleigh E Samuels, Armin Ansari, Lauren Finklea, Nolan E Hertel
Publication Type
Journal Name
Radiation Protection Dosimetry
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1310 to 1323

During the early response to large-scale radioactive contamination events, people who are potentially affected need to be screened for radioactive contamination and public health staff need to triage individuals who may need immediate decontamination. This is typically done by screening individuals for external contamination using ionising radiation detection equipment. In this study, spatially and temporally dependent isotopic compositions from a simulated nuclear detonation and Monte Carlo methods were used to relate contamination activity levels to the measurable radiation levels at select distances away from an individual with whole-body contamination. Radionuclide-specific air kerma rate coefficients and Geiger–Mueller instrument response coefficients at five select distances from contaminated individuals are presented for 662 radionuclides. Temporally and spatially dependent incident-specific coefficients are presented for a hypothetical surface detonation of a 235U-fueled device.