Antonio J Aldykiewicz Jr

Senior R&D Staff Member

Antonio J. Aldykiewicz, Jr is a Senior R&D Staff Member with the Building Envelope Materials Research Group.  He has a background in materials science and engineering.    He has over 20 years of industrial experience working on the research, development, and deployment of materials & systems in residential and commercial construction.  He applies knowledge about the fundamental nature of building materials to the performance and durability of building enclosures.

Areas of interest include cement and concrete technologies, below grade waterproofing, air and vapor barrier products, insulation, and fire protection materials. He holds several patents in these fields.  His current research is focused on the development of materials and systems to improve energy performance, durability, and sustainability of the building envelope in new and existing construction.  

He holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an MBA from Babson College.  He is a LEED B+C accredited professional and active member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering); ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials); ACI (American Concrete Institute); and ECS (Electrochemical Society).