Anisur Rahman

Synthetic Polymer Chemist - R&D Staff Member, Soft Materials Group, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Md Anisur Rahman is a diversified synthetic polymer chemist, who has wide-ranging expertise in the design, and synthesis of monomers, well-defined polymers via living/controlled polymerization (e.g. RAFT, ROMP, ATRP, ROP, etc.), post-modification of various polymers, biomaterials, and polymer nanocomposites for specific applications. His current research mainly focused on three different directions: 1. Synthesis of recyclable crosslinked polymers (e.g. vitrimers and self-healing polymers) for a wide variety of applications including adhesives, high-performance elastomers, and additive manufacturing (3D-printable materials); 2. Design of well-defined polymers for energy storage applications, especially for battery applications (i.e. polymer electrolyte, separator, binder); 3.  Synthesis of sustainable polymer composites for high-performance applications. During his Ph.D., he developed novel sustainable polymers and biomaterials from renewable biomass, new self-assembly methods, electrolytes for energy storage application, polymer grafted nanoparticles (e.g. graphene, and silica), and studied the structure-property relationship of polymer nanocomposites. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles (h-index 17).