Andrew G Stack

Andrew G Stack

Group Leader, Geochemistry & Interfacial Sciences


Andrew G. Stack focuses on understanding how minerals react with their surrounding solutions. He is the PI of the Basic Energy Sciences Geosciences project at ORNL, entitled "Atomic- to Pore-Scale Geochemical Processes."


Outstanding Contributions to Geosciences Research Award (2014). U.S. DOE Basic Energy Sciences, Geosciences Program

Award for One of Top 14 Technical Presentations (out of > 300), Twelfth Annual Conference on Carbon Capture, Utilization & Sequestration. Pittsburgh, PA, May 13-16, 2013

Profile featured at ORNL web-site: Part I, Part II and STEM Magazine (2015).

Profile featured in American Chemical Society’s College-To-Career web-site.

Finalist for Asylum Research AFM Image Contest


ERKCC72 - Atomic- to Pore-Scale Geochemical Processes (BES Geosciences)
ERKCG08 - Interfacial Dynamics in Radioactive Environments and Materials (Energy Frontier Research Center)
CEED500 - Critical Materials Institute (Energy Innovation Hub)


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