Aaron T Myers

Aaron T Myers

Geospatial Systems Architect


Aaron Myers is currently working on various projects for the Geographic Science and Technology Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research focus ranges from watershed modeling to web-application development and data visualization. Aaron completed his Master’s Thesis on a dynamic rainfall-runoff model building on the South Carolina Synthetic Unit Hydrograph Methodology and researching various rainfall-runoff models. Aaron has helped to bring many of GIST's research projects to the web using modern tools and scalable architectures. He has also created several Google Earth based web-services; one service returns the population count within the bounds of the view window for any area in the United States. Aaron is also the primary system architect for multiple projects using Open Source technologies such as Drupal (BioenergyKDF and CURIE) and or custom Java and JavaScript Applications (WSTAMP, PDT, TRAGIS, and EAGLE-I).


Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework, Centralized Used Fuel Resource for Information Exchange (CURIE), Population Density Tables (PDT), Transportation Routing Analysis GIS (TRAGIS), World SpatioTemporal Mapping Project (WSTAMP), LandScan, Environment for Analysis of Geo-Located Energy Information (EAGLE-I)


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Minner, Marie, Aaron Myers, and Lauren Patterson. “LandScan USA: Scanning High and Low, Day and Night.” ESRI Map Book 21(2006). 8.

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