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Precision Manufacturing and Manufacturing Innovation

Integrating robotics, automation, controls and machine tools in next generation systems

The Precision Manufacturing and Manufacturing Innovation Section is responsible for designing, implementing and scaling next generation manufacturing systems and processes through the integration of robotics, automation, controls, and machine tools.

The section includes the following groups: Intelligent Machine Tools; Manufacturing Automation and Controls; Manufacturing Systems Design; and Robotics and Intelligent Systems.

Researchers in the Intelligent Machine Tools Group focus on developing technologies to include subtractive manufacturing capabilities in existing additive manufacturing machines. The

Manufacturing Automation and Controls Group develop automated manufacturing systems leveraging data analytics, sensing, and control systems technology to ensure a highly efficient U.S. manufacturing ecosystem.

The Manufacturing Systems Design Group collaborates with equipment manufacturers and end users to advance state-of-the-art technologies and revolutionize the way products are designed and built using additive manufacturing technology. Robotics and Intelligent Systems Group researchers focus on developing world-class manufacturing technology around intelligent automation including electro-mechanical systems, computation and sensor technologies.