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Research Highlight

Ionic Material Selectively Sequesters Toxic Cr(VI) Oxoanions

New iCOF material selectively sequesters Cr(VI) oxoanions in the presence of other anions, such as sulfate and nitrate.


Scientific Achievement

Guanidinium groups, when incorporated in novel organic framework, show an extraordinary affinity for chromium(VI) oxoanions, rejecting effectively other tetrahedral and trigonal oxoanions.

Significance and Impact

The findings have significant implications for the design of novel efficient materials with the ability to recognize specific oxoanions, revolutionizing the processes used for removal of toxic pollutants.

Research Details

New ionic material is capable of lowering chromium(VI) concertation in water from 1 ppm to 10 ppb within minutes (an order of magnitude below the current US Environmental Protection Agency maximum contaminant level of 100 ppb).