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Weak-coupling theory of neutron scattering as a probe of altermagnetism

by Thomas A Maier, Satoshi Okamoto
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Physical Review B
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Inelastic neutron scattering provides a powerful probe of the magnetic excitations of quantum magnets. Altermagnets have recently emerged as a new class of magnets with vanishing net magnetization characteristic of antiferromagnets and with a spin-split electronic structure typical of ferromagnets. Here we introduce a minimal Hubbard model with two-sublattice orthorhombic anisotropy as a framework to study altermagnetism. Using unrestricted Hartree-Fock calculations, we find an altermagnetic state for this model that evolves from a metallic state to an insulating state with increasing Hubbard-U Coulomb repulsion. We then examine the inelastic neutron scattering response in these states using random-phase approximation calculations of the dynamic spin susceptibility χ′′(q,ω). We find that the magnetic excitation spectrum depends on its chirality for q along certain directions in reciprocal space, an observation that may be used in inelastic neutron scattering experiments as a probe of altermagnetism.