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Verification and Validation of the Alternative Nonlinear Two-phase Subchannel (ANTS) Code...

by Robert K Salko Jr, Belgacem Hizoum, David J Kropaczek, Mehdi Asgari
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Nuclear Engineering and Design
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The Alternative Nonlinear Two-phase Subchannel solver (ANTS) code was written to provide a fast-running, steady-state, pin-resolved modeling and simulation tool for analysis of common boiling water reactor (BWR) geometry and common operating conditions. ANTS has been integrated into the Virtual Environment for Reactor Application (VERA) core simulator software, where it can be used to provide a thermal/hydraulic (T/H) subchannel solution that is then used to provide neutronic feedback as well as perform the fuel depletion and temperature solution. This paper presents the rigorous analysis performed on the ANTS code, which includes both code and solution verification testing, benchmarking with the existing two-phase subchannel capability in VERA, CTF, and validation testing using popular two-phase experiments such as PWR Sub-channel and Bundle Tests (PSBT), BWR Full-size Fine-mesh Bundle Tests (BFBT), Risø, and FRIGG. This assessment was used to qualify ANTS for its intended applications before its use for core-scale, multiphysics BWR simulations. In general, it was found that agreement with experimental data was good; errors were within the range of experimental data uncertainty. Furthermore, code and solution verification confirmed that the governing equations and the most important closure terms were correctly implemented and behaving as expected.

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