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Varied enhancements in mechanical properties and sodium compatibility of Grade 92 by thermomechanical treatments...

by Lizhen Tan, Mikhail A Sokolov, Steven J Pawel, Ting L Sham, Jeremy T Busby
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Materials Science and Engineering: A
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As a candidate material for advanced nuclear reactors, a ferritic-martensitic (FM) steel Grade 92 in the standard normalized and tempered (NT) condition was subjected to two types of thermomechanical treatments (TMTs) with one having a lower level of deformation (T5A) and the other having a higher level of deformation (T5B). The testing results of the three conditions indicated that the TMTs significantly improved yield strength, creep resistance, fracture toughness, and sodium corrosion resistance compared with the NT condition. T5A excelled at creep resistance while T5B at sodium corrosion resistance. Microstructural characterization of the three conditions supports the varied enhancements in the properties. This study suggests that an appropriate TMT can be developed and applied to FM steels to better meet specific application requirements.