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Two-Level Decentralized-Centralized Control of Distributed Energy Resources in Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings...

Publication Type
Journal Name
IEEE Control Systems Letters
Publication Date
Page Numbers
997 to 1002

The flexible, efficient, and reliable operation of grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs) is increasingly impacted by the growing penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs). Besides, the optimization and control of DERs, buildings, and distribution networks are further complicated by their interconnections. In this letter, we exploit load-side flexibility and clean energy resources to develop a novel two-level hybrid decentralized-centralized (HDC) algorithm to control DER-connected GEBs. The proposed HDC 1) achieves scalability w.r.t. a large number of grid-connected buildings and devices, 2) incorporates a two-level design where aggregators control buildings centrally and the system operator coordinates the distribution network in a decentralized fashion, and 3) improves the computing efficiency and enhances communicating compatibility with heterogeneous temporal scales. Simulations are conducted based on the prototype of an office building at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to show the efficiency and efficacy of the proposed approach.