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System Modeling and Robust Stability Region Analysis for Multi-inverters Based on VSG...

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IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics
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1 to 11

As the number of inverter-interfaced distributed generators (IIDGs) increases, the decrease in the inertia of the microgrid affects the stability of microgrid voltage and current. The virtual synchronous generator (VSG) control method simulates the output characteristics of the synchronous machine to improve the inertia and damping of the microgrid. However, low-frequency oscillations can occur in systems with multi-VSGs connected in parallel, primarily when operating in island mode. Therefore, this article develops the small-signal state-space model for multi-inverters based on VSG and analyses the robust stability region (RSR) of the control parameters. Firstly, an extensible small-signal state-space model is established and simplified in the dq axis, which is a necessary preprocessing for the subsequent stability analysis. Secondly, the guardian map method based on bialternate product operation is constructed, and the RSR is established through translation mapping and rotation mapping. Therefore, the solution of RSR is transformed into the problem of identifying the Hurwitz matrix. Finally, the simulations and experiments verify that the calculated region can ensure stable operation during startup and meet the requirement to suppress low-frequency oscillations. The method of solving RSR proposed in this paper provides a basis for selecting controller parameters in practical engineering.