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Sustainable Recycling of Cathode Scraps via Cyrene-based Separation...

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Sustainable Materials and Technologies
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Separation of cathode materials from the current collector remains a challenging task for the recycling of both spent lithium-ion batteries and cathode scraps. Dissolving the organic binder polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) with an organic solvent to recover both cathode materials and Al foils is an efficient and promising method. However, the use of toxic solvents limits their practical application in recycling large amounts of cathode scraps generated during the manufacturing process. Cyrene, a bioderived green solvent, is proposed here for a solvent-based separation process. This study investigated a closed-loop recovery process to reclaim cathode materials, Al foils, and PVDF binder from cathode scraps. Additionally, the reuse of the Cyrene solvent led to a circular recycling process. The Cyrene-based separation process embraces a sustainable electrode recovery and reuse platform and paves the way for battery recycling.