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Study of detached plasma profile in the divertor simulation experimental module of tandem mirror GAMMA 10/PDX...

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AIP Advances
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A divertor simulation experimental module (D-module) in the tandem mirror GAMMA 10/PDX was used for the study of plasma detachment. In previous studies, it was difficult to measure far-upstream plasma parameters in the D-module, and only electrostatic probes on the target plate were used to perform electron temperature and density measurements. To study the detached plasma structure, a Thomson scattering (TS) system and a microwave interferometer system have been installed to measure the inside plasma parameters of the D-module, and a movable electrostatic probe has been placed at the inlet of the D-module to measure the inlet plasma density and temperature. The TS system in the central cell observed the electron temperature and density of the core plasma simultaneously. These measurements revealed the entire density and temperature structure from the core plasma to the divertor plate. The line average electron density measured by the microwave interferometer showed a rollover behavior during detachment. The results indicated that the ionization region was located around the center of the D-module, and it appears to move upstream along the axis.