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Structure and properties of the Sr2In1-xSnxSbO6 double perovskite...

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Journal of Solid State Chemistry
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A series of n-type oxide double perovskite semiconductors, Sr2In1-xSnxSbO6 (0 ​≤ ​x ​≤ ​0.3) has been synthesized; Sn4+ partially substitutes for In3+. 121Sb and 119Sn Mössbauer spectroscopy are employed to investigate the B-site cation ordering because this issue cannot be resolved by conventional diffraction techniques alone. Rigid ordering between In3+/Sn4+ and Sb5+ sites is revealed by the spectroscopic method, and hence in combination with the structural parameters extracted from the XRD structural refinements, the crystallographic structure of this series of compounds is depicted. The temperature dependent magnetic susceptibilities, band gaps, and carrier type are characterized, and the calculated band structure is presented.