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In Situ Analysis and Visualization of Fusion Simulations: Lessons Learned...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Publication Date
Page Numbers
230 to 242
Conference Name
Workshop on In Situ Visualization (WOIV)
Conference Location
Frankfurt, Germany
Conference Sponsor
ISC High Performance 2018
Conference Date

The trends in high performance computing, where far more data can be computed that can ever be stored, have made in situ techniques an important area of research and development. Simulation campaigns, where domain scientists work with computer scientists to run a simulation and perform in situ analysis and visualization are important, and complex undertakings. In this paper we report our experiences performing in situ analysis and visualization on two campaigns. The two campaigns were related, but had important differences in terms of the codes that were used, the types of analysis and visualization required, and the visualization tools used. Further, we report the lessons learned from each campaign.