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Simplified High-Temperature Molten Salt CSP Plant Preconceptual Design...

by Kevin R Robb
Publication Type
ORNL Report
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State of the art concentrating solar power plants generally rely on a two-tank system with a large central tower. These plants employ nitrate salts that are limited to approximately 565°C in practice. A novel system arrangement is proposed using molten salt as the heat transfer and energy storage media in a single thermocline storage tank with an integral heat exchanger to the power cycle. The system has unique features that enable temperatures higher than 565°C while reducing costs. This study explores the considerations for the concept and presents a preconceptual point design for a 5 MWt system capable of generating 100 MWt per day with 12 hours of thermal energy storage. This study also examines the potential operation of the system with nitrate and higher temperature chloride salts. Both salt systems appear promising and future concept maturation is recommended.