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Robust Scheduling of Microgrids Considering Unintentional Islanding Conditions...

by Guodong Liu, Maximiliano F Ferrari Maglia, Thomas B Ollis, Aditya Sundararajan, Kevin Tomsovic
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
Proceeding of IEEE PES General Meeting 2022
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1 to 5
Publisher Location
Colorado, United States of America
Conference Name
2022 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM)
Conference Location
Denver, Colorado, United States of America
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Conference Date

This paper proposes a robust scheduling model for microgrids considering the stochastic unintentional islanding conditions. The proposed model minimizes the total operating cost of the microgrid by efficiently coordinating the supply of power from local distributed energy resources and the main grid. To capture the prevailing uncertainties in renewable generation and demand as well as unintentional islanding conditions, a two-stage adaptive robust optimization model is formulated to minimize the total operating cost under the worst realization of the modeled uncertainties. The column and constraint generation (C&CG) method is used to solve the problem in an iterative manner. The solution of the proposed scheduling model ensures robust microgrid operation in consideration of all possible realization of renewable generation, demand and unintentional islanding condition. Numerical simulations on a microgrid consisting of a wind turbine, a PV panel, a fuel cell, two micro-turbines, a diesel generator and a battery demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.