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Reprocessing and Recycling...

by Guillermo D Del Cul, Barry B Spencer
Publication Type
Book Chapter
Publication Date
Page Numbers
469 to 526
Publisher Name
Woodhead Publishing
Publisher Location
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America

The societal perception of nuclear technology is ambivalent. Many people recognize the great benefits of nuclear technology such as the ability of nuclear power plants to generate massive amounts of electricity with very low carbon emissions as well as the contributions of nuclear medicine as a powerful means of diagnostics and treatment of many illnesses. However, there are profound fears and reservations concerning the use of nuclear power, mostly due to the connection with nuclear weapons, severe nuclear accidents (e.g., Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima), and legacy of nuclear wastes. Addressing the public concerns related to nuclear waste can have a big impact on the public acceptability of nuclear technology.