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REDC Process Instrumentation Modernization Project...

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ORNL Report
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Critical electronics used for isotopes production have become outdated and difficult to manufacture. In particular the alpha-particle and neutron detection electronics (commonly referred to as Q2809A-9 and -11) which are used to monitor effluent activity in ORNL Building 7920 were designed and deployed in 1966-67. These electronics are still used but some parts are no longer available for purchase. In addition, the printed circuit boards used in the Count Rate Monitor (CRM) module have no fabrication files or quality assurance documentation. In light of this, a project to modernize the modules for ability to manufacture with modern parts was undertaken. Both the preamplifier and CRM were modernized with new printed circuit boards and parts which are current catalog parts. In addition, QA documentation was generated which allows the manufacturer to assure proper operation prior to delivery.