Lorenzo Fabris

Lorenzo Fabris

Distinguished R&D Staff

Lorenzo Fabris is Distinguished R&D Staff in the Isotope and Fuel Cycle Technology Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received his Master’s degree in microelectronics and electronic instrumentation from University of Pavia, Italy in 1993 and his PhD from the University of Bergamo in 2016. In 1994 he joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as Engineering Division Fellow Intern and later as staff engineer with the Measurement Science Group. Lorenzo’s work at LBNL has been focused on the development of low noise readout electronics for X- and gamma-ray detector systems used for beamline experiments at particle accelerators and light sources, space missions, environmental and non-proliferation applications. In 2002, he joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as senior engineer expanding his interests to system design and new detector materials and taking technical lead of different radiation detection projects. At LLNL, Lorenzo led the Large Area Imager project, the first effort that showed how imaging applied to gamma ray detection improves system sensitivity in stand-off detection and search. The technology was awarded an R&D100 award and an FLC Southeast award. In 2007 Lorenzo joined ORNL where he serves as lead engineer and PI on several radiation detection, imaging, and nuclear physics projects. His recent work includes instrumentation for gamma-ray imaging detectors, neutron detectors and advanced neutron imaging systems. He is part of several scientific collaborations, serving as chief EE in the nEXO project and manager for the readout electronics of the Si(Li) tracker in the GAPS experiment. Lorenzo also serves in several society roles with the IEEE Nuclear Plasma and Science Society. 

1997 and 2002: “Outstanding Performance Award” from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2005 and 2006: “I-Division Spot Award” from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

2007: R&D 100 Award for the “Large Area Imager”

2009: FLC Far West award for "Outstanding Partnership: Large Area Imager (LAI): A Breakthrough in Long-Range Radiation Detection"

2010: “Exceptional Effort Award” from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2010: Team award from the DNDO Office of the Department of Homeland Security for exceptional work and contributions to the mission.

2011: ORNL Special Event Award for the Roadside Tracker Project.

2011: UT-Battelle Award in Engineering R&D “For development of the Roadside Tracker, a highly innovative instrument for the detection of illicit nuclear materials in freely flowing vehicular traffic”.

“Estimating Vehicle Height Using Homographic Projections”, US Patent No. 8,487,993, July 16, 2013.

“Calibration Method for Video and Radiation Imagers”, US Patent No. 7,973,276. July 5, 2011.