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Quantitatively Accounting for the Effects of Surface Topography on the Oxidation Kinetics of Additive Manufactured Hastelloy ...

by Matthew C Kuner, Marie Romedenne, Patxi Fernandez-zelaia, Sebastien N Dryepondt
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Additive Manufacturing
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he effects of surface roughness on the high-temperature corrosion of nickel-based superalloy X produced through electron-beam melting (EBM) additive manufacturing were studied. Surface area of samples in the rough, as-fabricated condition was measured using a 2D cross-section image analysis technique and a 3D image analysis technique. To verify the accuracy of surface area measurements, oxidation testing of samples in the as-fabricated and polished conditions was performed; polished sample oxidation curves were then compared to the as-fabricated sample oxidation curves before and after being adjusted using obtained surface area measurements. It was found that the 2D technique accurately measured surface area and accounted for the overlapping features present on EBM sample surfaces, whereas the 3D technique did not. Further, it was also observed that oxidation kinetics were moderately faster on the alloy X samples in the as-fabricated condition than for the polished condition.