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Pre-combustion mercury removal with co-production of hydrogen via coal electrolysis...

by Xiang Lyu, Runming Tao, Tianyu Zhang
Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Environmental Sciences
Publication Date
Page Numbers
382 to 389

Pre-combustion mercury removal via coal electrolysis was performed and investigated on a bench-scale coal electrolytic cell (CEC) systemically, and factorial design was used to determine the effect of different operating conditions (coal particle size, operating temperature, operating cell voltage, and flow rate of slurry) on the percentage of mercury removal, percentage of ash removal, and dry heating value change. The results showed that the operating cell voltage, as well as the interaction between operating cell voltage and coal particle size, are significant factors in the percentage of mercury removal. There is no significant factor in the percentage of ash removal and the dry heating value change, but the coal could be purified while keeping the dry heating value almost constant after electrolysis. A co-product of hydrogen could be produced during coal electrolysis with 50% lower energy consumption compared with water electrolysis. Meanwhile, a mechanism for mercury removal in coal was proposed. The facts indicate that coal electrolysis is a promising method for pre-combustion mercury removal.