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PDMATLAB2D: A Peridynamics MATLAB Two-dimensional Code

by Pablo D Seleson, Marco Pasetto, Yohan John, Jeremy Trageser, Samuel T Reeve
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Journal of Peridynamics and Nonlocal Modeling
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PDMATLAB2D is a meshfree peridynamics implementation in MATLAB suitable for simulation of two-dimensional fracture problems. The purpose of this code is twofold. First, it provides an entry-level peridynamics computational tool for educational and training purposes. Second, it serves as an accessible and easily modifiable computational tool for peridynamics researchers who would like to adapt the code for a multitude of peridynamics simulation scenarios. The current version of the code implements a bond-based brittle elastic peridynamic model and a critical stretch criterion for bond breaking. However, the code is designed to be extendable for other peridynamic models and computational features. In this paper, we provide an overview of the code structure and functions with illustrative examples. Due to the integrated computation and postprocessing MATLAB capabilities, PDMATLAB2D can serve as an effective testbed for testing new constitutive models and advanced numerical features for peridynamics computations.