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Neutron transmission simulation of texture in polycrystalline materials...

Publication Type
Journal Name
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
Publication Date
Page Numbers
166 to 178

The application Sinpol, a novel tool for neutron transmission data analysis, is used to simulate the effect of deformation and recrystallization crystallographic textures in fcc materials. The texture is characterized using an orientation distribution function (ODF), which describes the distribution of crystal orientations over the three-dimensional orientation space. The Sinpol code combines the transmission contribution of each single crystal grain in the ODF to generate neutron transmission patterns through a polycrystalline aggregate. A series of texture components, commonly found in fcc materials, are considered and their neutron transmission calculated for further analysis of experimental data. The effect of grain statistics is investigated and the simulation results on more complex ODF textures are also presented. Finally, the neutron transmission simulations are successfully benchmarked on experimental data recorded on an additive manufactured Inconel 718 specimen.