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Microstructure manipulation via machining and heat treatments in hybrid manufacturing of 316L stainless steel...

by Rangasayee Kannan, Thomas A Feldhausen, Peeyush Nandwana
Publication Type
Journal Name
Manufacturing Letters
Publication Date
Page Numbers
65 to 69

Hybrid manufacturing combines additive and subtractive (machining) processes in a single platform to reduce the total time to fabricate a component in its final form. Here we show that if sufficient plastic deformation can be imparted to the material during machining, recrystallization can be triggered during post-fabrication heat treatment. This can enable highly localized microstructure control. We show that stainless steel 316L, when machined without coolant accumulates significant plastic strain compared to when machined with coolant that results in faster recrystallization kinetics during heat treatment. These effects are limited to the surface while the bulk microstructure remains unaffected.